mandag, oktober 24, 2005

Fantastic Sony advert

This one is simply just FUN!

Sony BRAVIA - The Advert


Anonymous simon leavesley said...

Can anyone settle a arguement me and my mate have been having about the amazing sony advert.
I say the balls on the advert are CGI ( computer geberated imagery ) as the contrast of the colours and the actual street dont look right for it to be real and also if it was what my mate suggested bellow the balls seem to be to controlled going to much in the right direction to be real.
my mate says that they are real and what they did was they released a truck load of balls and just started filming. wich one is true? please can you reply to my e-mail adress
dont get me wrong people i do apreciate the advert very much it is one up there with the transforming car (obvously stemed from the transformers serie's).

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonym said...

i absoloutly love the sony advert with all the coloured bouncy balls.
It makes me smile when it appeares on the television,and for some strange reason it makes me feel good when i watch it,its just great to watch...excellent idea!

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonym said...

I totally agree that the advert is amazing and i love watching it, it makes me smile too. the advert is REAL, i thought i could be cgi as well because they would have to close the street to do it, which is what they did, and you can see a behind the scenes special on the sony website of how they did it and it is quite fantastic.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonym said...

have you seen what Sony are doing for the follow up advert 70,000 ltrs of paint over a tower block in glasgow put there using explosives

1:15 AM  

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